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Near Jasper Georgia.


Pictures are of areas around Japser, Picken County Ga. Astablished in 1853, Jasper Is bordered By Tate, Home of the Pink Marble Mansion, Marble Hill, Home of the First Catholic Church, Nelson, Elijay, Burnt Mountain and many other small Hill communities.
Rich in Early American History The surrounding areas once home to the Great Cherokee Nation. Here Began The horiffic Trail of Tears. Many artifacts are discovered frequently. The first American Gold Rush, many still pan & mine gold today.

Pendley Creek Crosses Pendley Cir.

Picture here

This is an awesome movie about a group of kids in high school. I guarantee you'll laugh a lot, especially at the scene with the apple pie.
-Posted 4/15/00

Book Reviews

Life Belts, by Jane Hosie-Bounar

This is an excellent book about the friendship of two teenage girls. It felt really true-to-life and has a very moving ending.
-Posted 1/15/00